U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs James J. Peters VA Medical Center

Legionella Control and Testing

Tap water within the hospital is tested for Legionella quarterly. We have been testing the tap water for the last 4 years. Our latest test results indicate that we have no Legionella in the hospital. This water is treated using two monchloramine systems, one feeds the CLC and the other feeds the Main Hospital. The monochloramine levels are monitored on a continuous basis.

The cooling towers are treated using a dual biocide system. Chlorine is added on a daily basis and Isothiazolin is added twice per week. Our cooling towers are approximately 2 years old. We have been treating them since they were installed. Biocide concentrations are monitored by a third party consultant on a monthly basis. The last test for Legionella in the cooling tower was negative (meaning, no Legionella). Legionella samples will be collected from the cooling towers quarterly along with our tap water samples.

The following information and fact sheets are provided by our Infectious Disease staff:

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